Does property compliance and licensing give you a headache?

We know the feeling so we set out to change that.

Our clever software identifies which properties are at risk and highlights what needs to happen.

Just click a button and ask us to carry out the needed compliance and licensing - our experts cover a wide range of fields including fire safety, property licensing, planning and design, helping to protect your portfolio from any event.

Our aim is to remove the hassle, save you time and earn you extra revenue.

Get your free property report today to get started.

Who uses Yuno?

Estate & Lettings Agents, Institutional Landlords, Social Housing Providers, Property Management Companies, Co-Living Companies and Property Service Companies looking to reduce risk, increase revenue and save time.

Get your free property report today

Why Yuno?

Reduce risk

We'll monitor your entire portfolio and keep you and your clients safe from ever-growing legislation.

Earn revenue

We help you identify where your portfolio could earn more revenue and offer more quality services, hassle-free.

Save Time

Ensure your clients are informed with a Yuno report. Don’t waste time pursuing a tenancy that may leave you and your client noncompliant.

Its as easy as 1,2,3...

We take the confusion out of complying with today's ever growing legislation by breaking it into three easy steps!

How to comply

Quickly understand your property compliance needs by answering a few simple questions.


Become fully compliant with our easy booking system. Our Yuno experts are qualified, experienced and accredited so you get the best service and price possible.

Stay compliant

The Yuno platform will automatically notify you of any changes affecting your portfolio and any course of action you need to take, helping you to manage your portfolio stress-free.

“I am pleased to recommend Yuno, considering how tricky the recent new regulations imposed by Hammersmith & Fulham Council have been, Yuno are a huge help in ensuring my portfolio of properties meets the required licensing requirements.”

William, Douglas & Gordon Property Manager

How it works

The Yuno platform has been built with you in mind


Your team will have easy access to all of Yuno's features and will be connected to your CRM via API.

Yuno Tech

The Yuno platform identifies what is required and suggests a fully costed plan of action.

Yuno Experts

Our Yuno experts are on hand day and night to support you and your clients, whatever is needed.

What's the catch?

Yuno is a data-driven platform. Arming you with the latest regulatory and compliance information so you can effortlessly and confidently advise your clients 24/7.

Who can benefit from Yuno?

Estate & Lettings Agents, Institutional Landlords, Social Housing Providers, Property Management Companies, Co-Living Companies and Property Service Companies looking to expand their offering.

How much does Yuno cost?

We offer your first report for free and then charge a small monthly subscription fee thereafter. This includes our bespoke white labeled product.

Premium features, such as licensing and planning monitoring of your entire portfolio, are available by upgrading to Yuno+.

What do I charge my clients?

This is entirely up to you! You can charge in line with your company's markup rates for management fees.

Is it just compliance?

Nope, the Yuno platform also helps to identify where you can increase yields and determine any associated costs.

Our Yunos will do all the hard work for you, they are the experts in their field.

Are you an experienced and accredited expert, you could be a Yuno expert!

Become a Yuno today

Are you an experienced and accredited expert in the property industry? You could be a Yuno expert.

Join the community of Yunos and enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own hours, from anywhere in the world.

Earn additional income on the side of your day job.

Yuno platform is here

Join our founding partners, like Hamptons, and streamline all your compliance demands with Yuno.